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2nd Annual Witches Night Out: OCTOBER 26 at 5pm

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

A beautiful collaboration is brewing at OH with our studio and spa team, joined by Heidi Raymaakers at Soulful Intentions and the Full Well Farm Crew. Book here for an evening of community, relaxation and fun. It's recommended you book right away, space is limited, and we are certain witches will be flying to be the first in line!

Begin the evening with a restorative version of Kara's Wind Down the Week Yoga Flow, accompanied by Reiki Master Danielle Girard, and Massage Therapist Kat McNeice to ensure deep relaxation.

Soulful Intention owner and sound healer, Heidi Raymaakers, will intuitively play her 7 chakra crystal bowl set to balance, harmonize and clear your energetic system while raising your vibration.

Afterward, join Full Well Farm in creating tools to keep our magic flowing through the fall season, crafting a reiki infused kitchen witch or botanical broom to sweep your cares away.

A complimentary cocktail and light fare will be served as you cozy in to a festive and relaxing fall evening.

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