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Our Spiritual Guides


Danielle Girard, Reiki Master

My journey with Reiki began in 2006. I developed a life-threatening illness and was unaware

that during my months of hospitalization I was being sent Reiki by a woman I had never met.

She would later become my mentor.

Not long after my first in person healing session I felt my purpose was to become a Reiki healer.

I became certified for Usui level I Reiki in 2006 and level II in 2007. It wasn’t until 2018 when I

felt a calling to become a Reiki Master and then a Karuna Reiki Master.

My dedication toward healing and spiritual awakening is a lifestyle for me.

I am highly empathic. This means I feel the emotions and energies that are stored in other’s

bodies. I like to incorporate crystals and pendulums to assist in Chakra balancing and healing.

I am devoted to sharing this ancient and sacred healing art through personal sessions and

teaching in hopes of promoting mental and physical health and conscious living on our beautiful


I am married and have a 26-year-old daughter. In my spare time you can find me meditating,

reading, practicing yoga, enjoying nature and spending time with my family.

Shannon Toye, Shamanic Healer

Join Shannon in finding a spiritual path in her amazing sound healing events or individual Path to Self sessions.

Nourish your spirit.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that elicits relaxation and stress reduction  through gentle touch. Reiki healers use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing. Due to it's energetic nature, Reiki can take place in person or from remote locations.

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Classes with Danielle:

Level 1 class you learn about Reiki history and how it works. You will then be attuned to the divine Reiki energy. You will be able to self-heal, heal other people , animals and so much more. Reiki can be applied to anything you can think of!

Level 2 class is a higher vibration and accelerates your spiritual growth. You will learn the sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them. Once attuned you will be able to send Reiki energy from a distance. It can be sent to people , animals , the past , present , future and the Earth. Possibilities are endless at this level! 

Master Level class you learn the master symbol and how to attune others to the Reiki energy. This can be a life-changing experience and awakens you to your true nature. 


Spiritual Coaching: 

Where do you go when you are looking for spiritual help but aren’t religious? In the ‘olden days’ when society was more faith based and before modern day psychology, individuals went to their clergy members for guidance and support. Today, we have doctors for the physical body, psychologists and therapists for the mental body, but what do we have for the spiritual body? That is where spiritual coaching comes in.


Spiritual coaches are modern day clergy members for people who relate to being spiritual but aren’t active within a certain religion. As a Spiritual Coach, I am a non-denominational clergy-person of the Earth. Spiritual Coaching addresses the part of the psyche that isn’t directly addressed by conventional psychotherapy-the soul. 


In Spiritual Coaching, we look at where you are in your own personal Hero’s Journey of life and help you achieve your spiritual goals, breaking recurring patterns, addressing questions of purpose and direction and even the meaning of life. Spiritual Coaching abides by the assumption that we each have a soul and are on an individual journey of the soul throughout lifetimes. Spiritual Coaching can help you find clarity in your life around purpose, situations, and patterns, it can help you move through grief in a spiritually centered way, and it can help you find your own meaning to existence. The big questions- who are we, why are we here, what are we doing here-are one’s that can’t be answered in psychotherapy-because conventional science has not determined a correct answer for these questions, but they can be answered through self reflection while working with a spiritual coach.


Know Your Kids Through the Stars/Know Yourself Through the Stars:

Astrology has been used throughout history to understand the world, and has been documented as early as the Mesoptamians. Astrology simplified, is the study of archetypal energy, which changes depending on the positioning of the night sky. Through looking at relationships, specifically the parent child relationship, through the archetypal energies of astrology, we learn things about our personalities and the personalities of our loved ones that are not commonly discussed in conventional psychiatric and psychological treatment. Knowledge is power, and the more we know about ourselves (and our kids), the better we are able to advocate for what we need based on our individual constitutions. It has become more and more apparent in recent years how society is a box that many people don’t fit into. Learn your own unique box and mold what you can to fit you instead of trying to fit into a one size fits all box.


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