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Pull into 184 E. Main St in North Adams, continue down the driveway and park in the lot. Then, just follow the signs that lead to the OH offices!

Note that 184 East Main is the first driveway after the library parking lot, BEFORE #182.

184 East Main Carriage Barn

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Parent of 5 year Old

“There are so many things in today’s world that are difficult for everyone, most especially a small child.  As the single parent of a 5-year old little girl, I was concerned for her as she navigated the complexities of family dynamics, friends and a new school environment.  Speaking with friends, I was referred to Optimal Healing and through that referral met Megan Heath.  Megan has been a wonderful addition to our health care family in that she is helping my little girl work through the questions and concerns in her life. While Megan is certainly more than academically qualified, I am impressed at her approach, her empathy, soft voice, and warm smile.  Mostly, Megan has a unique ability to reach into my child’s head and heart and help her find the words to identify and resolve the things that may be weighing her down.  We are so pleased to have a resource such as Optimal Healing close by and so fortunate to have Megan in our family.
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